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Welcome to Lake Albacutya

Lake Albacutya adjoins Wyperfeld National Park, and only fills with overspill from Lake Hindmarsh. Access is via the sealed road from Yaapeet (14km) to the main camping area. Some tracks are 4WD only.


The main feature of this park is the 5850a lake, which fills from Lake Hindmarsh when the Wimmera River is in flood. The lake generally fills and empties on a 20 year cycle, the longest dry period on record being 27 years. The park also includes Ross Lake (470 ha) and a 2.5km stretch of Outlet Creek.

Outlet Creek and the sand dunes north of the lake can be explored on short day walks or longer overnight expeditions. The park is popular for four wheel driving, trail bikes, bush walking and family camping. As weather conditions and seasons can affect the tracks, please contact Park Victoria on 13 19 63 or visit their website for up to date information on track conditions, closures and fire danger.


Lake Albacutya Park is popular for water skiing, fishing, yabbying and boating when water levels are high enough.


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  • O.T.I.T Camping Area

    O.T.I.T camping ground at Lake Albacutya is a good place to camp if you’re interested in taking an adventurous hike north of Lake Albacutya and into the large sand dunes beyond.

  • Western Beach

    This popular camping ground has the advantage of sealed road access and plenty of native vegetation.  Sites are well grassed.  Fireplaces and tables are available throughout the camping ground. There is a concrete boat launch ramp at Western Beach.

  • Yaapeet Beach

    The park is popular for four wheel driving, trail bikes, bush walking and family camping. When the lake is full skiing, fishing yabbying and boating are great activities to enjoy. At Yaapeet Beach boats may be launched from the shore when the lake is full.


You will need to bring your food with you. There are regulations of when and where fires can be lit in the Park.

No fires including gas or fuel stoves may be lit in the Park on days where a total fire ban has been declared for the Wimmera Total Fire Ban District.

To check whether you can light a fire at the Park and the rules of fire lighting, please contact Parks Victoria.


All visitors should be self sufficient as there are no services located at Lake Albacutya.


When the lake is full, activities at the Lake include fishing, boating (power boats permitted), swimming, camping, walking, nature study, 4WD and duck hunting (shooters license and game license required)


For more information contact Parks Victoria Information - Telephone: 13 19 63 or visit the Hindmarsh Shire Website