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The Dry Movie Locations: Exploring Victoria’s Wimmera Mallee


Heading to iconic locations that have been the set for movies has long been a treasured tourism pastime. Now, the Wimmera Mallee adds its own movie locations to your must-visit list in Victoria. Directed by Robert Connolly and starring iconic Australian actor Eric Bana, The Dry was a huge box office success filmed at various locations across the Wimmera Mallee. The film was released at the beginning of 2021 and is based on the best-selling novel of the same name written by Jane Harper.

The Dry Movie Locations Exploring Victoria's Wimmera Mallee
The Dry Movie Locations Exploring Victoria’s Wimmera Mallee

Key Movie Locations to Visit in Victoria’s Wimmera Mallee

The Dry is a critically acclaimed crime thriller that does an impressive job of showcasing the distinctive landscape of the Wimmera Mallee Tourism. To immerse yourself in this compelling storyline and the art of movie making, it’s worth setting aside time to watch the film before packing your bags and heading on location.

Without giving too much away, here are the key spots from The Dry that you won’t want to miss:

Beulah, Victoria – “Kiewarra” in the Film Renamed ‘Kiewarra’ for the film, the town of Beulah is at the center of The Dry as Eric Bana’s character’s hometown, to which he is returning to face his past. Beulah offers a unique opportunity to step into the world of the movie.

Head to the main street and recreate the movie poster or take a walk through Beulah cemetery. As well as standing where Eric Bana has stood, Beulah gives you the chance to experience a true sense of regional Australia in this town of only 300 people.

Minyip, Victoria Venture down to Minyip, around 70 kilometers south of Beulah, and be sure to swing by the pub that featured in The Dry. It’s not quite a pub now — more a café and bar, and it’s the perfect place to stop for a great meal while supporting the local community.

The Dry isn’t Minyip’s first time on screen either. The town is renowned as the home of the 1980s television series, The Flying Doctors. Take a stroll down memory lane and visit Emma’s Garage while you’re there.

Hopetoun, Victoria Featuring as a school during the filming of The Dry, Hopetoun Neighbourhood House is another location to check out as you explore movie magic in the Wimmera Mallee.

Hopetoun Falls Rainforest Waterfall Victoria Australia
Hopetoun Falls Rainforest Waterfall Victoria Australia

About “The Dry” The Dry is a 2020 Australian mystery drama thriller film directed by Robert Connolly, from a screenplay by Connolly and Harry Cripps, and is based on the 2016 book of the same name by Jane Harper. The film stars Eric Bana, Genevieve O’Reilly, Keir O’Donnell, and John Polson. It had its premiere in Melbourne on 11 December 2020, before Roadshow Films released the film in Australia on 1 January 2021, and it received positive reviews from critics. IFC Films released the film in the United States on 21 May 2021.

A sequel based on Harper’s 2017 follow-up book, Force of Nature, was later announced to be in production in 2022, titled Force of Nature: The Dry 2, and is scheduled for release on 8 February 2024.

Plot of “The Dry” Federal Agent Aaron Falk returns to his hometown of Kiewarra in Victoria to attend the funeral of his childhood friend Luke Hadler, who has allegedly killed his wife Karen and their son Billy before taking his own life. Only their infant daughter, Charlotte, was spared. Luke’s parents ask Falk to stay and investigate the crime, and he reluctantly agrees.

In flashbacks, it is revealed that Falk left town twenty years earlier to escape harassment when he was suspected in the death of his girlfriend Ellie. Upon his return, he finds many of the townspeople are still angry towards him, particularly Ellie’s father Mal and her cousin Grant who brand him a liar and a murderer.

With the help of the town’s local sergeant Greg Raco, Falk begins to look into the events surrounding Luke’s death. They discover that the shotgun shells used in the crime were Remingtons, while Luke only owned the best Winchesters. Falk also interviews Scott Whitlam, the local school principal and Karen’s boss, who explains that although she and Luke had some money trouble, they did not appear to have any serious problems.

Falk discovers the word ‘GRANT?’ handwritten on the back of a library book receipt. So, he suspects Grant wants to purchase the Hadler family farm as Luke’s parents cannot manage it on their own.

Falk visits Gretchen, another childhood friend and Karen’s co-worker who tells him about applications found in Karen’s desk for school funding. While reminiscing over an old photo album, Falk sees one of Luke holding Gretchen’s newborn son Lachlan. He questions her about Luke being the father; Gretchen denies this but indirectly confirms they were having an affair. Falk outrightly asks Gretchen if she is responsible for the murders, and she tells him to leave.

The next morning, Falk finds some of the funding applications and realizes Karen wrote ‘GRANT?’ in reference to finances. Aaron discovers Whitlam has been embezzling from the school and murdered Karen and her family to cover up his crime.

Eric Bana And wife 78th Academy Award
Eric Bana And wife 78th Academy Award

Falk and Raco go to question Whitlam at the school, only to find he has fled to the bush with a jerry can of petrol and a lighter. As they search his house, they find the shotgun shells that match the shells used in the murder. When they catch up to him, Whitlam admits to his gambling addiction, stealing money from the school to pay his debts, and murdering the Hadler family to cover up his fraud. He then drenches himself in petrol and sets himself on fire. Falk and Raco tackle him to the ground and put out the flames. Whitlam and Raco are badly burnt and hospitalized, although Falk’s injuries are not as severe. The investigation is closed with Whitlam’s confession, and Luke’s parents thank Falk for proving Luke’s innocence.

Before leaving town, Falk meets with Gretchen and apologizes for accusing her; she forgives him. She reveals she was always in love with Luke but that he chose Karen. Falk visits the rocky area that he and Ellie went to frequently; he finds her old backpack, which contains a journal noting that she intended to run away because Mal was physically and sexually abusing her. He had also been similarly abusive to her mother, which caused her to abandon the family.

A flashback reveals that when Mal discovered she was leaving, he pursued her and drowned her in a rage. Falk says goodbye to Ellie, takes the backpack as evidence to clear his name, and walks back into town along the riverbed; which is now completely dry.

Loved the movie and now curious to visit the locations? Jump in the car with the family and plan your trip!

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